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05 Renewable Energy Resources In The World For Making A Better Place

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When there is the term renewable energy resources, it means sustainable energy that can never run out. Since most of the renewable energy sources are alternative from nature, those renewable resources will have to be encouraged for a better place. Because the stable energy sources have already been able to make things worse for mankind.

Coal, Gases, Fossil fuels, and nuclear energy resources are going to be outdated shortly when the renewable energy sources have to take their place. Here are 05 Renewable energy sources that can change the path of the blue planet one day.

Hydro Energy

renewable energy sources,hydropower plant
Hydropower plant

It is the most used renewable energy source for third-world countries. Since electricity generation is quite effective useful when there is enough water supply, the cost of production is low. A continuous water flow is blocked using a dam to increase the potential energy of the water. Then water is sent through the tunnels and produces electricity using massive turbines. Some countries in the world still consume hydroelectricity for 52% of the energy demand.

Water is a Renewable energy source all the time. Although evaporation is one of the disadvantages in the process, the natural water cycle will release those amounts back to human consumption. When it comes to fossil fuel energy sources, it takes more than millions of years to bring them back. The water cycle is just a matter of months.

It has been found that the hydroelectric efficiency is about 90% which means the waste of the energy is less than one third. Since the dams forward the water supply back to the usual path, the consequences for nature are minimum.

Hydropower is not polluting the environment, but it has got severe impacts on nature. For example, the change of a water stream is extremely dangerous for millions of animals.

Other than that, the change of the water cycle, renewable resources running out, unavailability for the desert zones, and difficulties in the maintenance like factors remain as the barriers for the hydro energy.

Wind Energy

wind power generators, renewable energy sources
Wind power generators

It stands as one of the Renewable energy sources that will never run out of quantity. Although there are so many favors for mankind, wind energy conversion has still limited to the typical methods such as wind towers. The wind is clean, harmless, and less affected by the creatures and it doesn’t even have any environmentally hazardous features.

When it comes to stats, more than 59,900 utility-scale wind turbines have been added to the power generation in the United States only. Also, being the most consuming country in the world for wind energy, the US has added 107 GW into their annual energy consumption. At present, the whole world has a consumption of 651 GW from wind energy.

Although wind energy has got a low efficiency in the energy conversion process, the availability of wind as a common energy resource has made it a choice for countries all around the world.

There are so many benefits when the facts come into wind energy. It is less costly as an energy source. The price the authorities have to expend for generating a unit is less than all other energy resources. Also, it requires technical skills which create occupational opportunities for the workforce. In addition to hem, wind energy is a pure and sustainable energy source that can be generated o any part of the world. Sometimes, the windmills are established on the land, ocean, and deserts.

However, the setbacks for wind energy have hurt mankind. Being an unstable energy source, higher capital enrolls, noise disturbing, consumption of lands, time-consuming, and harming birds have been the disadvantages for wind energy.

Tidal Energy Source

High tides and low tides have been in the world since the very beginning. It was in the world when the fish walked into the land and making new species. When because the tides were useful for the transportation of the ancient species, that will be a useful thing even at present.  Being another form of hydro energy, the tidal wave is being used as the main resource to generate electricity for domestic uses. Similar to hydroelectricity, it can keep you warm, lighten the rooms, and power up the refrigerator.  Since evaporation is not taken into attention unlike the typical hydroelectricity, people don’t have to bother about the shortage of water renewable resources as well.

At present South Korea is on the leaderboard with a 511MW of total capacity. Since the land has become a major concern of theirs, the ocean has been able to serve the purpose of power consumption. Canada and France are the next countries that have paid attention to tidal sustainable energy as one of the most useful Renewable energy sources. 

Tides are easily predictable as a renewable energy source. Unlike any of the renewable resources such as wind, sunlight, water, or even biomass energy, tides will never go away. Although there are some drops and ups for the renewable energy sources at some points or special cycles, sea waves nor the tides will never make you disappointed. Other than that, they are all around the world. When it comes to the stats, three fourth of the earth is covered by the ocean. Other than that, reliability, efficiency, and the production of pollutants are less than any other natural resource.

Although so many disadvantages are behind the tides as an energy source, a few of them are enough to keep a country away from production. Since the tides keep moving all the time, the mechanical power it requires is higher than any other resource. The technical knowledge, legal problems, and the effect on marine life stand as the setbacks for tidal energy.  Also, the expenditure to generate electricity is higher than the typical methods. Therefore, it still requires further studies and technical involvement for a better future.

Tidal Energy Source

Biomass energy
Biomass energy

Although concepts revolve around the basic factors like growing a plant and turning it into something that can turn the refrigerator on, the world has developed since there.  Some countries in the world are still struggling to run their cars using the special plants. But, the best way to generate electricity is to use agricultural waste, animal waste, industrial waste, or garbage. Since there are so many renewable energy sources are there to fill the gaps of the main energy requirement, the need for waste management has been the top priority regarding Biomass Energy.

Being less expensive than fossil fuel, the ability to reduce garbage, neutral carbon involvement and efficient use of the waste are the main benefits of Biomass energy.

The main disadvantages for Biomass energy are building up waste, hazardous gas releases, polluting the environment, creating threats for animal species, green gas production, and the increase of the temperature. However, it is still one of the best Renewable energy sources for making a better future.

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy Plant, renewable energy sources
Geothermal Energy Plant

Heat Is being used to generate electricity and power for domestic use. It has got a variety of features when compared to other renewable energy sources. The core of the earth is still at its best heat.

The same heat is used to turn into several energy or power sources for ease of consumption. Geothermal Energy is simply the core of the earth. Wells are dug into a depth of a mile into the core of the earth. Then the magma comes out of those holes. Steam and the heat rotates the turbine switch help to generate the electricity as the result. Since heating is the main feature of geothermal, there will not be any need to heat things. The process will start from the end part and the process is quite simple in the end.

There are more than 20 countries in the world that use geothermal energy as one of their most common Renewable energy sources. Being the number one and the largest consumer, United States have got 1.5GW producing the largest geothermal plant collection with 117 square kilometers.

Being a carbon-free energy source, sustainability, and high efficiency like factors have risen geothermal energy to the top. Also, it is a reliable energy source that doesn’t have any potential leaks during the process as well.

When it comes to disadvantages, geothermal energy does require higher initial costs being one of the most economical Renewable energy sources. Turbines, technology, and waste management factors are costly. Also, it has been found that heat production is adverse for the living creatures in the area. Some researchers have proven that the entire process can cause underground water leaks which can create massive effects in the area where the plats have been placed as well.

Conclusion of Renewable energy sources

By the time of 2050, it is predicted that the world will depend on renewable resources by 95%. Since it has left just less than three decades, the world will have to rush their researches and ongoing projects to find the best version of the renewable resources as the world has already got enough damage. The more time it takes, the more the damage will happen. However, these Renewable energy sources will make a difference in the future for sure.

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