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07 DIY Organic Makeup Ideas For A Natural Day

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As a person who is willing to contribute to a sustainable world, you must have the desire to expand your scope into the beauty culture. It is not only beneficial for the world but for yourself as the natural ingredients will always bring the best for you. These organic makeup ideas will replace artificially and establish naturally glowing facial skin. 

Organic makeup for your face is always better as a DIY idea as you get to know what you are going to add to that.  Even if you are the perfect person in the world, you will have to add few more things to improve your beauty and organic makeup is always a choice for you. Each second is crucial to you as cells die, dirt craves into the skin, and the natural skin gets old.

There is nothing you can do to stops these things but it’s up to you to recover them ASAP and delay the speed of them happening.  A pinky lip, rosy cheek, and glowing facial skin is not a hard thing along with a DIY makeup kit. This article will let you know how crucial it is to have your own DIY organic makeup kit.

Why should you avoid synthetic makeup kits?

Avoid synthetic makeup.
Avoid synthetic makeup.

Content is the most important thing for every product in the world. When it comes to your facial products, the content has to have the perfect combination for facilitating comfort and healing for the skin. But, what happens at the end is the death of your skin. These ingredients include in your skin finally cause you damage that can never be turned back.


Most synthetic makeup products contain this chemical in their produces to induce the fragrance. It has been found that Phthalates is capable of causing breast cancers. Also, early puberty will be a side effect for the girls who tend to use products containing this chemical.

Ethylene Oxide

It is a common carcinogen that has been found in several beauty products. Although the manufacturers avoid sharing the content involved with Ethylene Oxide, is a common ingredient for more than 50 of the total products in the market.


It is available on the products that have been produced as anti-microbial, preservative, and anti-fungal cream. The more a user has the relationship with Ethylene Oxide, the more his risk for getting breast cancers.  When it comes to the lotions and creams, the chemical is available in 70-80% in the content as well. There is a high risk of getting breast cancers as this matter has been found in the biopsies.


Most nail polishes, lipsticks, and lotions include this ingredient in their products. It has been found as a neurotoxin that decreases the fertility of both men and women creating several social problems.  Also, behavioral problems are among the things that lead can cause.


Although it is considered one of the best antibacterial creams, the consequences from the ingredient are not usual. Triclosan Is under the category of pesticides in most countries which means there can be hormonal influences due to the cream. Since Triclosan is available even in toothpaste, the rate of toxin intake is higher than anything else.

What is a DIY Organic Makeup?

What is a DIY Organic Makeup
What is a DIY Organic Makeup

A DIY organic makeup is a combination of natural ingredients and organic ingredients to improve the quality of facial skin. It can be lips, eye area, cheeks, and the neck region of a person’s body that organic makeup can cover. Organic makeup ingredients consist of genetically developed natural ingredients such as herbicides, plant extractions, essential oils, vitamins, and the sap of flowers. When it comes to a DIY idea, all of them have to be extracted within a usual man’s reach which means they should be available in a typical home.

Here are 10 DIY Organic Makeup Ideas for you

Foundational Organic Makeup

Foundational Organic Makeup, Almond Oil, Shea butter, cinnamon, Beeswax & vitamin E
Foundational Organic Makeup, Almond Oil, Shea butter, cinnamon, Beeswax & vitamin E

Almond Oil, Shea butter, cinnamon, Beeswax, vitamin E, and cocoa powder-like ingredients will be able to produce skin with the ability to recover.  These ingredients need double boiling, cooling, and measurements according to the required proportions. You will find so many video tutorials regarding them on YouTube as well.  Also, the storage has to consist of metal containers as the quality can be maintained along with them only.

It is usual to have blemishes, wrinkles, and small scratches on the facial skin. A foundation cream helps you to screen those things for having stable makeup. What you need to remember when jumping from the artificial foundation to the organic foundation is that there are differences. The main difference is that a foundation doesn’t bother to treat your skin. But, these ingredients will generate the dead cells and perform a fabulous duty. With the gradual use of the mentioned materials, the need for a foundation cream will not arise.  


Ancient people have used charcoal as an ingredient for lining up the eye lines. Being black is not the only reason for that but, having cleansing and detergent actions for charcoals have made them use it. Besides, charcoal is a better way to divert the sunlight out of the eyes. To produce the charcoal eyeliner, you have to collect 04 capsules of active charcoal, distilled water, and an empty eye lining tin. Then you can place the 04 active charcoal in the eyeliner tin and then 02 distilled water drops into the tin. Then you can stir and start mixing the mixture gradually. That will be your DIY makeup idea for having a nice eyeliner.  How easy is that?

Charcoal as an ingredient for lining up the eye lines & Eye Shadow
Charcoal as an ingredient for lining up the eye lines & Eye Shadow

Eye Shadow

Your DIY eye shadow idea should have plenty of color selections for the purpose. Then the strategy is to use several natural ingredients to facilitate the color. For example, turmeric is capable of providing yellow color. Similar to that, charcoal, paprika, arrowroot, beetroot, and spiraling-like ingredients can add colors to your eye shadow.

Eye shadow is not an essential part of makeup. However, most of the ladies love applying eye shadow for the perfection of their makeup. It is vital to avoid unnecessary effects from DIY makeup for eye shadow as it can harm the eyes pretty easily.


Applying lipsticks with a aloe Vera
Applying lipsticks with a aloe Vera

As an essential part of makeup, the lipstick comes with many color choices. At present ladies love applying lipsticks with a natural aroma. Strawberry, aloe Vera, orange, and there are so many smell choices for them as well. In the DIY Makeup idea for the lipstick, you may choose Titanium dioxide, iron oxides, mica, and carmine as the sources for facilitating the color. When it comes to the sticking characteristic, you may use wheat germ triglycerides, aloe extract, and soybean oil for your DIY lipstick.


Making organic deodorant
Making organic deodorant

A deodorant makes you complete and prepares you for any sort of sweaty challenge. Since most of the makeups consist of natural aroma induced by synthetic chemicals, you get an awesome chance to add your organic deodorant to cover up those synthetics with their artificial smells.

What you are going to need are 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, 2 tablespoons of baking soda, and 2 tablespoons of corn starch. The secret of your DIY deodorant lies in the efficiency with you mix the content. It is important to note that the mixing has to be continued until a paste appears. Putting it in the refrigerators will turn it to turn it into the best form as well. 


Hibiscus flowers for blush
Hibiscus flowers for blush

Many centuries ago women kept pushing their cheeks until they get the reddish color. At present, many products can provide a red color. The risk of getting skin diseases on the cheeks has increased due to those products. Why do you have to take such risks when you can create your organic makeup for cheeks?

Hibiscus flowers are the best natural ingredient to be used for blush. It can produce a natural color along with a pleasant smell. When it comes to the essential oils, they will be able to provide stable protection for the face as a security layer as well. Lavender, tea, and tulip flowers can provide additional colors to your cheek. However, it is essential to note that there can be some allergenic reactions due to the use of almonds. Then you may use sunflower oil as a substitute ingredient.

DIY Organic Makeup Remover

DIY Organic Makeup Remover
DIY Organic Makeup Remover

Once your day is over, you must have a proper way to remove the makeup. Although a water shower is an easy thing, you need to follow steps to remove them gradually as that can harm your skin. Even if it is DIY Organic makeup or artificial content, you can use simple ingredients to remove the makeup.

Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E oil are the best ingredients that you can find from your home. All you have to do is to mix them in similar volumes and store them in the refrigerators. Also, the container should not be transparent as the vitamins get destroyed.

Following materials will bring a nice combination of nutrients to remove the chemicals off your face.

MaterialNumber Of Tea Spoons
Jojoba Oil1 Teaspoon
Shea Butter1/2
Emulsifying Wax1/2
Tablespoon Aloe Gel1/2
Witch Hazel1/2
Zinc Oxide2
Cocoa Powder1/2
Mica Powder1/2
All-Natural Mineral Powder1

Choosing your DIY Organic makeup is crucial in many ways. The ability to provide the best treatment for your facial skin is one of the major concerns. Because your face contains one of the most sensitive skins, it is crucial to keep it that way. Besides, the skin is the closest place for your inputs which means oral, nasal, and even the sky is too sensitive to send the mentioned materials straight into digestion.

 Therefore, it is vital to use the best combination for your skin that has been made of organic makeup compounds. Otherwise, you will become a person who needs to put on a makeup mask throughout life.

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