About Us

Hello! Welcome to Greendep.com.Greendep is all about Environment-friendly things and Relative news of go green concept. So our mission is to lead people’s environmentally friendly lifestyles. Which can help keep safe the environment for us and those who come after us.

The world is always changing. We have a fast-growing population. Growing more needs daily, To sustain our lives, We need Water, food, Air(oxygen), Land. We prefer certain lifestyles.

All we have a drinking water 2.5% of the total water on earth.

Forest cover only 31% of the worlds land surface

Our Air is polluted by industrialization. Air pollution contributes to 9% of deaths globally.

Everyone can contribute to protecting the environment. Our waste things that can be recycled into compost a household level. So bringing many benefits to your home garden. Our single-use plastic consumption will reduce to a great extent. We would also like to hear from you as to how, As an individual, You are contributing to protecting the environment to make our planet better. So let’s do it.