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iPhone SE 2020 is it Environment Friendly?

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iPhone SE 2020 Smartphone Is it Environment friendly?: Most smartphone reviews Pay attention to the technology, price, and user experience, in this article for the Sustainability of all-new Apple iPhone SE 2020.

iPhone SE 2020
iPhone SE 2020 is Environment friendly?,

What is a sustainable product, many people consider as Eco- friendly item cars, electricity, home, day-today items? What about the Sustainability of your mobile phone?

More than 5 billion people are using mobile phones, and we need to take advantage of the power of connectivity. The United States, India, China are the countries with the highest number of mobile phone users. So we are all interconnected than ever before. When you have connectivity at the palm of your hands, this is an excellent opportunity to find various getaways that will open up the whole world right in front of your eyes and on the palm of your hands.

As with technology in general, how you use your mobile phones, it is entirely up to you.whether you want to use it for the greater good, or whether you want to use it is all your choice.

Some people replace their mobile phones yearly and Some mobile phones are recycled but not all. For making the mobile phone, Energy is needed in the manufactory and to mine the required raw materials, including rare-earth metals.

Sustainability of Apple

Apple claims to be innovating on another front as well and Sustainability. Apple company globally powered by 100% renewable energy. According to Apple’s environment report, approximately 66% of that renewable Energy comes from one of the most energy-efficient buildings in the world, like their headquarter’s a massive solar roof. The other 34%, however, is a mix of direct purchasing from renewable utilities and buying renewable energy certificates or RECs.RECs are necessarily a carbon credit for renewable Energy. If you buy them from service, somewhere in the grid, the equivalent amount of renewable electricity will be created that being mentioned this 100% renewable claim only covers a particular subsection of Apple’s total operations.

Apple’s disassembly robot

Apple has created a robot called Daisy that can take apart and recycle 200 used iPhones per hour. When it comes to breaking iPhones into pieces, this robot’s skills are second to none. Daisy knows how to disassemble nine different iPhone models. On the other hand, Apple is using it to recover valuable materials from old devices that customers turn in, enabling a more efficient recycling process. This recycling plant is running on 100 percent renewable energy. So Daisy can extract 93 Kg of tungsten,42 kg of Tin,1.8 kg of tantalum, and 0.97 kg of gold for every 100,000 old iPhone devices.

iPhone SE 2020 Is it Environment Friendly

iPhone SE 2020 is Apple’s new budget smartphone. They are producing longer-lasting products and reduced waste. It has announced in April 2020.iPhone SE will launch with iOS 13, and It has a 4.7-inch screen, a 12 -megapixel camera, and it costs only $ 399. So iPhone SE made with smarter chemistry. It features IP67 water and dust resistance.

iPhone SE 2020 Made with water and dust resistance.
iPhone SE 2020 is Environment friendly?,

According to Apple iPhone SE environment product report.

1. The all-new iPhone SE 2020 comes from 100% recycled rare earth elements.

Yttrium, europium, gadolinium, and terbium produced the brilliant colors of an iPhone screen. Also, Neodymium and praseodymium are used for the magnets in the speaker and help your phone vibrate. That means more materials in the device come from recycled items. As a result, Apple iPhone SE is free of harmful substances.

2.iPhone SE 2020 now uses 100% recycled Tin in the logic board

3.For iPhone SE uses 35% of recycled plastics

4.100% iPhone SE assembled by renewable energy

Renewable Energy comes from 66% headquarters, Also a 17 of a megawatt of power from the solar roof, and 34% from other renewable sources.

5.iPhone SE 2020 Energy efficient

Apple iPhone SE energy efficient 57% less Energy used than the U.S department of energy requirements.

6. Stages of Production

  • iPhone SE comes with fiber-based plastic less packaging.
  • New iPhone SE 2020 life cycle 57 kg carbon emissions (including Source Materials, Make, package with the ship, Use, and Recover.)
  • iPhone SE assembly plant does not generate any waste; that means ZERO waste.

Furthermore information about iPhone SE 2020 : Environment Report

In the summary

Finally, You need something brand new experience, Apple iPhone SE is a pretty decent choice. They are proving to be a leader in the tech field when it comes to Sustainability and renewable Energy.


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