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Let us discover about the ebikes or the electric bikes! – Freicycle is the world’s lightest e-bikes

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The average weight of ebikes is around 66 pounds (30 kg), yet you can discover considerably lighter or heavier ones, depending on the amount that you are willing to spend. For example, the new arrival Eeyo 1 from Gogoro is 26 pounds, and possibly it is one of the lightest motorized representations in the shop. However, it will set you back $3,599. This Freicycle is yet more comfortable than that, but at the same time, it is even lighter. But it is still only a prototype. Shall we dig a little deeper on ebikes?

Ebikes to the Guinness record – The world’s lightest ebike

The world's lightest ebike
The average weight of ebikes is around 66 pounds (30 kg). But of course, you can discover considerably lighter or heavier ones.

Mechanical engineer, Dennis Freiburg from Germany, designed the Freicycle.

His featherweight ebike recently set a new Guinness World Record as the lightest ebike on the planet in December 2019, in Dortmund, Germany.

The Guinness Book of World Records qualified this.

It weighs as meager as 15.5 pounds (6.872 kg).

However, we cannot judge the weight of the bicycle by its appearance at all.

The formula for the Freicycle

The average weight of ebikes is around 66 pounds (30 kg). But of course, you can discover considerably lighter or heavier ones.

Dr. Freiburg was killing two birds with one stone.

From the very beginning, he aimed to invent this ebike.

His ultimate goal was to get into the Guinness and make this bike a part of the project for his doctoral degree.

It is just now that he is unveiling the recipe to his winning design, although Dr. Freiburg set the record a while back.

Most of the ebikes comprise of stainless steel with several combinations.

That is why ebikes become heavier.

But in this ebike, the problem is well sorted.

Dr. Freiburg revealed his secret about taking the lightest frame out there is carbon fiber.

Then he only had to add the bare necessities.

They were composed either from carbon fiber or 3D printed.

Starting from a 2016 Merida Scultura bike that weighed a carbon fiber border that weighs 2.2 pounds, Dr. Freiburg included rim-mounted brakes, carbon rims, and full carbon crank and 3D printed pedals in his model.

Freiburg preserved the rest of the weight down with as much carbon fiber as possible for acute load-bearing constituents such as the wheels, fork, and cranks.

He did experiments using several combinations and alternatives until he got the lowest weight possible and practical.

What is the secret mechanism of ebike, the Freicycle 

mechanism of ebike
The average weight of ebikes is around 66 pounds (30 kg). But of course, you can discover considerably lighter or heavier ones.

We know that the beating heart and soul of any electric bicycle are the motor and battery.

Freiburg also desired something that would enhance as little as possible to the total weight for power.

Dr. Freiburg found that there are some hub or mid-mounted motors out there that are light.

But they were not as light as he needed them.

So, he wanted to find an alternative for this and the motor.

And then he turned his attention to something that has been around for years.

It was a friction drive.

It means where a motorized roller is constrained against the rear tire, making it twist.

Dr. Freiburg grabbed the brushless motor from a model helicopter conveying 660W of power and used it on the Freicycle.

When the engine is on, the swingarm drops the roller onto the tire, and its abrasive sleeve has enough hold to turn the wheel. When the engine is off, the spring-loaded mechanism pulls the roller off the wheel.

More facts about bikes… 

More facts about bikes
The average weight of ebikes is around 66 pounds (30 kg). But of course, you can discover considerably lighter or heavier ones.

The bike is electronically limited to 250W and 25 kph (15.5 mph).

As Dr. Freiburg lives in Germany, he stated that the bike could reach the highest speeds of 48 kph (30 mph), deprived of the limitations.

This one is different from standard ebikes, and the weight on this one makes it so easy to ride in a non-assisted mode as it is in a motorized model.

One more challenge with the bike was the battery.

An easy way to reduce weight would be to install a small battery.

A watch battery might make the wheel spin a revolution or two with a step-up converter, but it seems very far from today.

The reason behind this is that when establishing any record in the ebike category, Guinness demands a 137-Wh battery too.

So, Dr. Freiburg was able to build a battery inside a water bottle.

Then he placed it in a 3D-printed cage on the seat post.

The storm is not massive.

According to Dr. Freiburg, it will take the rider between 12-22 miles (19-35 km).

But for extra range, the rider can always carry a secondary “water bottle.”

The cover on the bottle turns the battery on and off while setting the pedal assist levels.

Money was not an issue for Dr. Freiburg.

He had plenty of backup from partners like the TU Dortmund University, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Velotech, and Merida Bikes.

This bike was a creation for science and Guinness.

Mind-blowing insights of Freicycle at a glance! 

Ebikes use rechargeable batteries to travel much faster than most people would cycle, getting you to your destination quicker and in better shape.

At the same time, ebikes offer you both physical and health benefits.

Another important potential of these bikes is that they offer energy-efficient and emission-free transportation.

Freicycle improve your fitness and cut back expenses for petrol and diesel-like in motor vehicles’ bikes emit lower pollution than other motor vehicles.

That is how it becomes a nature-friendly transportation method, and helps to improve air quality.

Another remarkable point is the cost of ebikes.

Of course the cost is pretty much higher.

The overall price of the Freicycle shot up to €20,000, and it is pretty hard to afford nowadays.

The technological enhancement behind ebikes  

How do the Friction drives work in ebikes?

Friction drives are a one of the unique features in ebikes.

Although the name is simple, it works by powering the bike through a friction connection.

This phenomenon generally shows itself in a roller on the back wheel of the bicycle.

The roller is associated with the engine’s yield shaft, or even sometimes is simply the engine shell.

Some grating covering used to the roller usually assists in withholding the tire.

Some strategy for tensioning enables the roller to remain associated with the tire.

When the throttle is locked in, the roller turns the tire, which twists and controls the ebike.

Can we ride ebikes in the rain?

Ebikes work just like regular bikes in the rain.

Friction drives have a unique obstacle that they must overcome, keeping fitting grating on a dangerous wet tire.

Directing too much power to the roller will cause the unit to slip and spin out, efficiently closing down.

Advantages and capabilities of ebikes

Advantages of ebikes
The average weight of ebikes is around 66 pounds (30 kg). But of course, you can discover considerably lighter or heavier ones.
  • Ebikes are often in high demand. They offer smooth Bosch motors and seamlessly shifting gears. Despite their impressive power, they are low maintenance bicycles that are extraordinary for everything from driving to the end of the other cycles.
  • At the point when individuals get an e-bicycle, the main thing they consider is the speed. With your exertion alone, you can arrive at rates up to 35 miles for each hour. Likewise, the innovation that is in the engine and battery can hold this speed for quite a while. You can go a lot farther than expected. That makes your work and day-by-day drive a lot simpler and quicker.
  • We realize how traffic jams can waste our time. With this sort of bicycle, you can avoid the entirety of that. And also, you will see how simple it is on the body. In contrast to their ancestors, these new electric bicycles put you in control. You get the chance to pick how much help you need and what spares your body from touchiness, joint weakness, and perspiring.
  • Regarding ebikes, you have the opportunity to empower and support your legs. The motor on the bicycle gives you an extra push when you need it. This feature allows people who want to cycle but they suffer from health conditions.
  • Reducing CO2 emissions will help to solve climatic changes and environmental hazards. Vehicles are the main reason in the present day for emitting CO2 for the environment. Ebikes is an excellent alternative method for transportation, and it helps to reduce environmental and air pollution.

Some Disadvantages of Ebikes 

Some Disadvantages of Ebikes
The average weight of ebikes is around 66 pounds (30 kg). But of course, you can discover considerably lighter or heavier ones.

Ø Electric bicycles can be a bit expensive. However, the good thing about this is it is a one-time investment, and you get plenty of advantages.

Ø The batteries that empower are rechargeable.

Ø Ebikes are a bit heavier. But now, according to clarifications, the newly invented Freicycle is lightweight.

Winding up… 

Ebikes are lovely. Day by day, it is going beyond the limitations of the past.

With the rapid technological development, we should consider reaching the boundaries and limits in a user-friendly and environmentally-friendly manner.

You can enhance your physical capabilities and save the world at the same time, by purchasing an ebike.

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